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04-Nov-2017 06:18

I can't leave the room for a second without being chased.' What I find so baffling is why Dexter is most prone to wanting his mummy at times when we are most happy.

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It was around Christmas and everything had that colourful, cosy, seasonal glow to it. The rows between us had got so bad that I had to move out for Dexter's sake.

Consequently, there's always a greater pressure to be the perfect parent, both as form of compensation and a way of assuaging your guilt.

What I've discovered is that the problem is not so much with Dexter, but with the baggage of guilt and my desperate and doomed attempt to be Superdad.

'I get it all the time from my daughter, Alice,' says my married friend Jonathan.

'Every morning I get the same cry of: "Go away, I want Mummy to get me dressed." I come home and get no hugs and she says: "Go away, Daddy, I want Mummy to give me a bath."' 'You think it's something that you've done wrong and it's all your fault because of your divorce.

And now we are devouring skyscraper icecream whips with double chocolate flakes. It comes without warning and always leaves me an emotional wreck. nd when Dexter wins and I take him home and return to an empty, Dexter-less weekend, so the self-recrimination begins. What's a dad supposed to do when faced with the battle cry of 'I want Mummy'? I'm in my 50s and still haven't figured out myself what really happened to his mother and me - so how could I make him understand?

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