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You are getting to know a person of the opposite sex, with all their unique qualities and gifts.

Be attentive to ways you may still need to grow in maturity, self-control, or other virtues.

When two bodies come together, the energy that they create when they collide is like a chemical reaction, the result is very important.

Think about it😉 Simply intend it and continue to intend in that way.

In particular, the Must Have Conversations can give you insight into what topics are important to discuss with the person you’re dating as you get to know each other. Dating is not for the faint of heart, and it can feel vulnerable at times.

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If there is a person, or people, that you can have great harmony with and not only that but great harmony completely easily and naturally, with no effort (effort, meaning in a negative sense.

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Set aside time to pray for your significant other and for God’s guidance in your relationship.

It is possible that this relationship may grow into the most important one of your life, so you want to go about it in the best way.Raise your awareness in this way and you will eliminate your need to collide with energies that simply do not suit you.

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