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23-Jul-2017 22:16

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In the mean time, a more permanent home was being sorted out.

The two were contacted by Russian intelligence services to discuss the archive of information that Snowden had purloined, but no deal for asylum was made.

The country was also large enough to resist US pressure for cooperation**.

Once they arrived at Moscow's Sheremetyevo International Airport, Snowden found out that the US government had cancelled his passport, effectively restricting him in the airport's Arrivals transit area – since he was unable to officially leave the country, or enter it.

On June 10, with the world dog looking for him, Snowden moved out of his hotel, hid among Hong Kong refugees and sought help from Wiki Leaks.

Back in May 2013, Snowden was based in Hawaii, working as a sysadmin on contract to the US National Security Agency.

But the local officials said that the US government had filled out the forms incorrectly – and allowed Snowden to leave the country on a flight to Russia on June 23.

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