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14-Aug-2017 18:31

One extremely helpful piece of advice I was given by a British member of the Prague congregation was that you could never have enough of these adaptors if you were to move to live in continental Europe.

So it was that, when we moved to Prague in September 2008, we brought several adaptors with us.

It was a major battle to separate the adaptor from the wall socket on one side and from the UK plug on the other.

The resultant damage meant we had no dishwasher to wash the dirty dishes from our Christmas dinner and, to ensure that there would not be an electrical fire, we had to isolate most of the power points in our lounge/kitchen, meaning we couldn’t even have our Christmas tree lights on!

From this unfortunate experience I have learned two things.

One is that, adaptors sold to allow UK electrical appliances to be plugged into continental sockets are NOT designed for heavy duty appliances such as dishwashers.

On Christmas Day at our Family Eucharist, as I shook hands with an English/Slovak couple at the door of the Church, I mentioned our problem to them as they had previously helped us to find appropriate people to resolve issues relating to plumbing and domestic appliances. He rapidly repaired the damaged wall socket, thus allowing us to once more use every electrical socket in the lounge.They are instead, designed for phone chargers, laptop computers, hair dryers and the like.