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His grin made his eyes sparkle, it made his face light up, and it made my dick throb.

He stared down at the bar, and added, I had to walk, Cheryl took the truck. The bar was out in the sticks, but I remembered a few houses along the way. We walked up the steps of an ancient mobile home as he fished a key out of his tight Wranglers. I slammed a fist into his side, not enough to do damage, but enough to weaken him a bit. Gil went into automatic, his fist flew towards my face. It took me over 10 minutes to punch his lights out. I pulled out my pocket knife, and cut the cord off a lamp we had smashed in the fight.

I like em straight, aint nothing like sex with a hot straight boy! I sure dont wanna be a bother, I said, slurring again. Watching his ass on the short walk had made me throw one hell of a rod! I jumped off him, took a fighting stance, and landed a right into his flat stomach. I ducked an got three more blows to his torso, winding him. I was gonna have a few bruises in the morning, for sure. I caught my breath, looking down at the straight man laying unconscious in his own living room. Cheap, ugly lamp, he would catch hell from Cheryl on that, I bet! I walked into the small kitchen, and got a glass of water. I threw the glass of water in his face, and reached down, gently slapping him.

As I looked around the country and western bar, I knew I was gonna get some action. There was a lot to choose from, a bunch of hot studs in tight wranglers. I dont know if I can drive, I better find a place close by. As he opened the door, I pretended to fall against him in a drunken stupor. The cowboy attacked again, He was good, I felt it when his fist made contact. Yeap, in the morning, a few bruises, tonight I had a straight man to use and abuse. I tied his wrist behind his back, using the lamp cord. I notched a new hole in the belt to keep him from getting free. He came too, recognition filled his eyes as he glared at me.

I took my pocket knife, and begin to slice his shirt off. I cut the sides of his wranglers, and left the denim covering him for now. I looked him in the eyes, I looked at his hate and disgust. You think something you say is gonna bother me, right? I liked to drain my straight boys dry, you know, before I pop their cherry................

Thats why we are having sex, because you dont like it! As I sliced off his jeans, I found that Gil was going commando, it was a slight disappointment, but not much of one. Youre sick, you aint gonna ruin me, why dont you just leave! I bent down on top of him, I held my mouth real close to his. Now, it was time to uncover his package, he may not like me nutting on him, but straight dicks always like a good sucking.

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First a brief background of why I ordered this toy.

Ive been doing this for years, and I always end up with my man. Its part of the thrill, making a dude have sex unwillingly. I can tell a man that can defend themselves, it shows, its like their body emits a signal, saying dont fuck with me, or else. I breathed in a mixture of Old Spice and Speed Stick. He didnt feel me approach, he seemed lost in thought. My dick begin growing, being this close to the cow stud. We both played the masculine game of how it didnt matter. We were on first name basis now, even his name turned me on.