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26-Jun-2017 18:44

The latest example of the erosion of religious liberty comes as a judge recently ruled that the owners of Christian online dating service Christian, Spark Networks Inc., must begin including gay persons as part of their dating pool to pursue same-sex relationships.Because the dating website didn’t allow new users to specify their search to include a seeker status for gays looking for same-sex relationships, two gay men decided to sue the site’s owner claiming the limited, heterosexual options violated the Unruh Civil Rights Act – a California anti-discrimination law that requires businesses to provide, “full and equal accommodations” to people regardless of their sexual orientation.” As a result, not only will Christian be forced to include and accommodate homosexuals as part of their dating service, Catholic and Adventist Singles, two other Christian-oriented dating sites must also include gays in their relationship-seeking pool of dating hopefuls.So Christian matchmakers, cake makers, photographers, florists, gift shop and venue owners, pizzerias, bed and breakfast owners, bakers, pizza shop owners, carpenters, and other Christian-run businesses and organizations have been targeted, harassed, retaliated against via prosecution (which in many cases has forced closure) and/or legally required to engage in activities that contradict their religious faith for the sake of legitimizing homosexual behavior through a secular and sexualized agenda.

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A spokesperson for Spark Networks told the that the company was “pleased to resolve this litigation.” For the next two years, “Spark will ensure that the ‘man seeking woman’ and ‘woman seeking man’ options on the gateway/home pages of the Mingle sites ask only whether the user is a ‘man’ or a ‘woman,’” reads the judgment.Similarly, Matthew Vines is making waves in the evangelical Christian community with “The Reformation Project,” a campaign that bills itself as “a Bible-based, Gospel-centered approach to LGBT inclusion.” Vines, who is himself a gay Christian, rose to prominence in 2012 when a video of him outlining a scriptural defense of monogamous, Christ-centered same-sex relationships titled “The Gay Debate: The Bible and Homosexuality” went viral.

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