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27-Jun-2017 10:53

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These improved outcomes may be easily accomplished by invoking better treatment choice for the providers using EHRs.

For the EHR to achieve sustainability, the patients must be convinced that their security will be protected.

Unfortunately the evidence to support EHR sustainability has not yet been proven; the purpose of this paper is to analyze the application and endurance of EHR (Kelly et al., 2011).

For the EHR to succeed, the transition must yield successful outcomes.

Congress is enforcing the initiation of electronic health records by 2014 for all United States citizens; unfortunately, there is resistance from health care providers, largely because of the lack of knowledge of electronic technology.

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RELATED: Government Forcing Doctors to Spend More Time on Data Entry, Less Time with Patients On the other hand, my critics, vocal and many, had two major complaints.

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) and Center for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) are leading endeavors to reduce health care disparities for Americans, because over fifty percent of Americans do not receive adequate health care due to the increasing cost of medical care (Linder et al., 2007).

As patient safety is an ongoing challenge for clinicians, it satisfying to know that the government is working to resolve health care inconsistencies in the United States (Ericksen, 2009).

Hospital physicians will tell you endless tales about the wastefulness of the data collection and how the lack of interoperability defeats the very purpose of data sharing.

As for my complaint about President Obama and his fellow liberals: Again, I don’t oppose going electronic.

“Electronic health record (EHR) is defined as the computer application that electronically stores individuals’ identifiable health data” (Layman, 2008, p. The EHR is supposed to benefit the patient’s overall health care outcomes from several different aspects such as improved quality care, reduced cost, and the resolution of medication errors (Linder, Ma, Bates, Middleton, & Stafford, 2007).