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From time to time, e Harmony may create test profiles in order to monitor the operation of the Services. When asked about bots, e Harmony said: "OKCupid, which boasts over a million app downloads per week, is not signed up to the trade body, but also uses fake profiles to test its services, it states in its terms and conditions.

It didn't respond to And Ashley Madison states: "Our Site and our Service gives users the opportunity to explore and improve their abilities to interact with others in the Site.

While its main priority is the safety of UK online daters, the trade body advises against chat bots.

: "There was a reputation a couple of years ago for fake profiles, but we don't believe in conning people to pay subscriptions.

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Now celebrity love rats are yesterday's news, the real scandal may lie in the use of chatbots in dating sites.

The UK's online dating regulatory board tests applicants and insists sites sign an agreement to offer its services safely, and ethically.

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Not all registered users are available for matching.

Now financial institutions are managing a launch on this scale it really proves it.

I hope if we get it right in the UK with our ODA members, we can see similar trade bodies set up internationally," adds Kidd.

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It’s unlikely that larger dating sites still need to rely on bots to get its user base up, but warning signs are free sites that need to entice you into subscriptions and "adult sites".