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30-Oct-2017 22:33

An OUTPUT parameter is used to pass the local cursor back to the calling batch, stored procedure, or trigger, which can assign the parameter to a cursor variable to reference the cursor after the stored procedure terminates.

The cursor is implicitly deallocated when the batch, stored procedure, or trigger terminates, unless the cursor was passed back in an OUTPUT parameter.

Inserts made by other users are not visible (inserts cannot be made through a Transact-SQL server cursor).

If a row is deleted, an attempt to fetch the row returns an @@FETCH_STATUS of -2.

This option overrides the default capability of a cursor to be updated.

Specifies that the scope of the cursor is local to the batch, stored procedure, or trigger in which the cursor was created. The cursor can be referenced by local cursor variables in the batch, stored procedure, or trigger, or a stored procedure OUTPUT parameter.

The cursor is only implicitly deallocated at disconnect.The new values are visible if the update is done through the cursor by specifying the WHERE CURRENT OF clause.